Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photographs of Models (various media)

final scheme - full body with components (sls print)
final scheme - structural model (sls print)
generic mutate : fluid growth construct (z-corp print)
living systems canopy - structural model (sls print)
robotic armatuer - hybrid model (sls print)
pre-programmed - synthetic growth attempt (z-corp print)
robot - type nine (sls print)
seed - transgenic (z-corp print)
body - hybrid model (z-corp print)
cladding idea -structural model (z-corp print)
mutant model (z-corp print)
component model (z-corp print)
living systems canopy - structural model (sls print)
quadratic robot model (sls print)
mut-arch model (sls print)
mut-arch model (sls print)
solar cladding model (z-corp print)
ornamental species model (sls print) (1)
(sls print) (2)
passive station model (sls print) (1)
(sls print) (2)
language model (z-corp print)

The Bartlett Summer Show 2009 (Unit 20)

view of my work
various models (1)
public interest (1)

Further design ideas

Vertical farming - context (unspecific)
_predominantly city use urban farming of algae to produce of the grid bio-fuel, the idea would be that many of these towers would flood various parts of derelict sites across our cities as an urban initiative, fossil based fuels are fastly depleting so interventions like this proposal need to be put in place for the future of the fuel industry to cope with shortages and demand. (1)
Urban transformations idea - vertical farming structure set within a built-up city context, street installations fused between roadways to add a spectacle to the areas surroundings.