Friday, July 3, 2009

Project Information

Synthetic Sustainability - Bio Farm, Turin
(Biological systems research facility)

Research topic : observation of synthetic biology and living technologies as a way of optimizing biological systems and improving a more sustainable architecture.

Formal intent : examining mutational and evolutionary change in plants to generate morphological and emergent structures that underpin natural processes to generate an architectural form. Concentrating on the morphological outcomes which are being used to generate more sustainable architectures by way of drawing inspiration from biological techniques.

Scheme : A proposal for a biotech centre containing a biofuel production facility exploring new ways of breeding strains of algae to produce a sustainable biofuel which can be employed into the depleting fossil fuel market. The overall scheme concept is that the centre will be self sustainable by way of producing its own energy, recycling waste so as not to contaminate surrounding water supplies and technologically exacerbate natural resources by way of mechanical, robotic components throughout. Thus creating a predominantly robotically controlled environment agriculture to create a sterile buffer.

The Digial Organism - Rapid regeneration (generic)

Digital seed - genetically modification of a seed type for mass reproduction (1)
Digital species - hyperbodied cell strucure : internal assemblage of the necessary mechanics [infusing of the high-tech]

info : natural movement of genes between species, often called horizontal gene transfer or lateral gene transfer can occur because of gene transfer mediated by natural processes. The gene movement between species has been widely detected during genetic investigation of various natural mobile genetic elements, such as transposons and retrotransposons that naturally translocate to new sites in a genome and often move to new species over an evolutionary time scale. There are many types of natural mobile DNA's which have been detected abundantly in crop foods such as rice. Production of transgenic plants in wide-crosses by plant breeders has been a vital aspect of conventional plant breeding for about half a century. Without it, security of our food supply against losses caused by crop pests. The first historically recorded interspecies transgenic cereal hybrid was between wheatr and rye.

Mutant Formalisation Studies

generic cell - rapid reproduction : study of the many (suspected) emergent changes
Digital species - swarm : generic cell exhibiting component based reproduction
Digital species - generic component : assemblage of a body [ornamental beginnings]
trans-organism - depiction of a mutated surface/body taking shape via evolutionary techniques
cellular structure study
mutated surface/body
the mutat(ed) language : biomimicry aspect
language development
the emergent species : cellular language formations
language development
Forming - building typology : complex genetically grown structure [growth out of control] (1)

Precedential Inspirations

Hybrid growth explorations

Ivy hybrid machine - intelliegent ivy transfer system
[specific growth rate via intelligent systems robotics]
The vessel idea - various states of liquidity
genetically engineering of the seed - analysis of the stages of germination
The hybrid plant - contextual study
Ivy growth accross a billboard - study of mass growth by a natural plant species
Genetic plant - growth in context
Mutant specimen
Wet reproduction study
Digital transgenic - genetically modified plant : necessary apparatus for life to take place
Synthetic growth analysis
Incubate - growth controller : adaptive + sequential germinating devices [robotically programmed to maintain lush artificial vegetation]

info : in biology, mutations are changes to the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material of an organism. Mutations can be caused by copying errors in the genetic material during cell division, by exposure to ultraviolet or ionizing radiation, chemical mutagens, or viruses, or can occur deliberately under cellular control during processes such as hypermutation.

In multicellular organisms, mutations can be subdivided into germ like mutations, which can be passed onto descendants and somatic mutations, which are not transmitted to descendants in animals. Plants sometimes can transmit somatic mutations to their decendants asexually or sexually. Mutations create variation within the gene pool. Less favourable mutations can be reduced in frequency in the gene pool by natural selection, while more favourible mutations may accumulate and ressult in adaptive evolutionary changes.
Although many mutations are deleterious, mutations may have a positive effect given certain selective pressures in a polutation.

Ornamental analysis

decorative/ornamental : complex genetically grown structure (1)
decorative particles - possible internal/interlocking wall component building idea - folly of uncontrollable internal growth

Hybrid Bio-Robots

BIO Robot - incubator + seed germination device : eco-machine for artificial germination
BIO Robot - botanic controller : seed spreading + germination control

BIO Robot - assemblage : fertilization and control
BIO Robot - assisted : multi-movable amateurs/clasps (1)
BIO Robot - spreading of the 'green' : nutrient pumping eco-machine
BIO Robot - spreading of the green : nutrient supportive eco-machine

Synthetic Robotics

ONE - synthetic architecture : the beginnings (1)
Process - growth control : a recorded stage of the bio-scaffold process taking effect
[artificially intelligent robotically programmed to maintain/increase synthetic growth] (1)
Nutrient intent - soft system : pliant adaptive parts that are responsive and evolve
[specific mechanisms help maintain its health + internal growth status] (1)
Build ONE - genetically controlled creation : the non-human build [livable pumping, waste transfer, nutrient provision, structural load transfers + bio-synthetic harvestation]
Intelligent machines - the bio-robotic : multifunctional/rotational armatures
[robotically programed machines maintain/increase lush synthetic growth] (1)
Design study - the pre-programmed : synthetic robot response system