Friday, July 3, 2009

The Digial Organism - Rapid regeneration (generic)

Digital seed - genetically modification of a seed type for mass reproduction (1)
Digital species - hyperbodied cell strucure : internal assemblage of the necessary mechanics [infusing of the high-tech]

info : natural movement of genes between species, often called horizontal gene transfer or lateral gene transfer can occur because of gene transfer mediated by natural processes. The gene movement between species has been widely detected during genetic investigation of various natural mobile genetic elements, such as transposons and retrotransposons that naturally translocate to new sites in a genome and often move to new species over an evolutionary time scale. There are many types of natural mobile DNA's which have been detected abundantly in crop foods such as rice. Production of transgenic plants in wide-crosses by plant breeders has been a vital aspect of conventional plant breeding for about half a century. Without it, security of our food supply against losses caused by crop pests. The first historically recorded interspecies transgenic cereal hybrid was between wheatr and rye.

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  1. Perfect! What do you think about real architecture? I like digital born ideas, but Ilooking for the way, how to build this kind of projects... in iteriors... how use it for houses...